Systematic Collections

About the Committee



  • Sergio T. Alvarez-Castañeda
  • Antonia Androski
  • Daniella Arena Viveros
  • Jeffrey E. Bradley
  • Robert D. Bradley
  • Juan Pablo Carrera-E
  • Chris J. Conroy
  • Guillermo D'Elia
  • Katrina Derieg
  • Robert C. Dowler
  • Kurt Galbreath
  • Eliecer E. Gutiérrez
  • Angela Hornsby
  • Carlos A. Iudica
  • Dianna Krejsa
  • Thomas E. Lee, Jr.
  • Rafael Leite
  • Rosie Liao
  • Burton K. Lim
  • Consuelo Lorenzo
  • Darrin Lunde
  • Holly Lutz
  • Jason Malaney
  • Tabitha McFarland
  • Suzanne B. McLaren
  • Bryan S. McLean
  • Nancy D. Moncrief
  • Link E. Olson
  • Nicté Ordóñez-Garza
  • Caleb D. Phillips
  • Marcia A. Revelez
  • Duke S. Rogers
  • Dakota Rowsey
  • Laura Steger
  • Richard D. Stevens
  • Cody W. Thompson
  • Nathan S. Upham
  • Andrea Wishart

History and Mission

The Systematic Collections Committee was formed in 1972 as an outgrowth of an ad hoc committee formed at the request of the National Science Foundation. The Systematic Collections Committee serves the Society by handling all matters that came before the Society related directly or indirectly to systematic collections of mammals.


  • Advising curators worldwide in matters relating to collection administrations, curation, and accreditation
  • Maintaining a directory of mammal collections and conducting a survey of existing collections approximately once each decade
  • Maintaining a list of curatorial standards for mammal collections and managing a collection-accreditation program under the auspices of the Society.



The committee has established minimal standards for proper collection maintenance and serves, on behalf of the Society, as an informal inspecting and accrediting agency for the curatorial status of collections. It also responds to requests from curators for information on proper collection care. It is responsible for the periodic surveys of collections of Recent mammals published by the Society. The Committee make-up includes members who are knowledgeable about care and management of systematic collections and are geographically dispersed to allow for inspection of collections throughout the country.