Host Resolution - 40th Annual Meeting, Pacific Lutheran College, Tacoma, Washington

WHEREAS, The American Society of Mammalogists at its 40th Annual Meeting andvfirst meeting in the Pacific Northwest has experienced a generous and considerate hospitality, has enjoyed excellent facilities, food and accommodations and the many other benefits of a diligent, well-organized and effective Local Committee and host institutions; and

WHEREAS, These features have contributed so materially to the professional profit and personal enjoyment of the members of the Society and have made this meeting an outstanding one in the history of the Society;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the American Society of Mammalogists, at its 40th Annual Meeting, 19 to 23 June 1960, at Tacoma, Washington, expresses its sincerest appreciation to Drs. Burton T. Ostenson and Murray L. Johnson, Co-Chairmen of the Local Committee, and to their committeemen, and to Drs. S. C. Eastvold and Franklin Thompson, Presidents of Pacific Lutheran College and the University of Puget Sound, respectively, the host institutions, for their many kindnesses and courtesies.