Host Resolution - 62nd Annual Meeting, Brigham Young University, Snowbird Lodge, Utah

WHEREAS we have gathered for these meetings in God's country; and

WHEREAS microtine and desert rodent biology, and their investigators, have been baited and debated; and

WHEREAS 3.2 beer at 8,000 feet is roughly equivalent to 6% at sea level; and

WHEREAS the height of the mountains and freshness of the air was matched only by the high science and fresh ideas; and

WHEREAS the hosts of the meetings have been exceedingly courteous and helpful;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVEDĀ that those in attendance at the annual meetings of the American Society of Mammalogists enthusiastically extend their thanks to Duane Smith, the local committee and their assistants, Brigham Young University, and Snowbird Lodge for their efficient and gracious efforts on our behalf.