Host Resolution - 61st Annual Meeting, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

WHEREAS, the incredible organization by the Local Committee included arrangements with the powers that be to restrict rain to the chiropteran hours, when only the most dedicated among us were at large; and

WHEREAS, the attention to detail by the Local Committee included the furthering of close communication and togetherness by stygian darkness at Hueston Lodge; and

WHEREAS, the assembly of mammalogists, attracted by the ideal meeting place, included the full array from beginning scholars to seasoned scientists and thus had the balance of vintage wine; and

WHEREAS, the eager among us were provided the opportunity to seek both intellectual council and riverboat revelry, the thoughtful were provided the setting for pontification, and the reverent were reminded by squirrels and chipmunks against verdant backgrounds that mammals can be viewed otherwise than through discriminant function and distance algorithm;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the American Society of Mammalogists extends its sincerest thanks to Gary Barrett and the Local Committee of Miami University for a profitable, unique, and extremely enjoyable set of meetings.