Host Resolution - 67th Annual Meeting, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

WHEREAS, the 67th annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists was held at the University of New Mexico on 21-25 June 1987; and,

WHEREAS, the weather in the Land of Enchantment was truly enchanting; and,

WHEREAS, caravans of mammalogists converged on Albuquerque in search of the elusive New Mexico zebra (Equus findleyi); and,

WHEREAS, the speakers at the Plenary Session were disenchanted to learn they had to provide a microphone, pointer, slide projector, and emergency power generator; and,

WHEREAS, the cultural diversity and unique architectural beauty of the campus balanced the wealth of presented papers, posters, and symposia; and,

WHEREAS, the airport margarita bus, ever present kegs, and plentiful chips and pretzels encouraged our intellectual exchange; and,

WHEREAS, the joggers, cricket players, frisbee throwers, and model plane flyers added to our enjoyment while traversing Johnson Playing Field; and,

WHEREAS, we learned that some microtine populations cycle and others don't but do when the others don't, sometimes... etc; and,

WHEREAS, Spamdemonium: The Official Field Cookbook was provided to and taken seriously by the staff at La Posada Dining Hall; and,

WHEREAS, all mammalogists were requested to surrender their collecting permits at the New Mexico Natural History Museum before the fiesta at the Rio Grande Zoo and, just in case, were kept under the watchful eye of security guards; and,

WHEREAS, the Society was provided with the unique opportunity to witness Jim Findley and Don Wilson simultaneously well-groomed and attired in coats and ties, a behavior not yet learned by Terry Yates; and,

WHEREAS, over 50 mammalogists initiated a new tradition of early morning runs;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the American Society of Mammalogists express its heartfelt thanks to the University of New Mexico, the Local Committee, and particularly our colleagues Jim Findley and Terry Yates for a distinctly unique and memorable meeting.