Host Resolution - 71st Annual Meeting, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

WHEREAS, the 71st annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists was held at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, on 15-19 June 1991; and

WHEREAS, we met in a state known for wheat but we encountered no chaff; and

WHEREAS, K-State is a recognized national leader in undergraduate scholarship, mammalogy, and in keeping cans and paper picked up on campus; and

WHEREAS, the unique architecture provides a new meaning to the term "the campus is totally stoned"; and

WHEREAS, the first floor was cleverly placed at different levels above and below the ground; and

WHEREAS, the officers, directors, and early arriving members were shown a special recreation of Toto's whirlwind trip to the yellow brick road; and

WHEREAS, we went to the Bar-B-Que to be chuggers, however, we came back feeding chiggers; and

WHEREAS, mammalogists gladly believed that minuscule dark dots miles away ("look, look, now there are three!") were proof of bison on the Konza; and

WHEREAS, we were provided with meeting rooms that could be used as an ultra cold freezer for DNA samples; and

WHEREAS, magnum slide pointers that were authentic spears used by Konza Indians to kill bison created shadows of speakers that must have inspired wild fantasies; and

WHEREAS, the dorm showers were effective in keeping us wet from the waist down and the humidity took care of the rest; and

WHEREAS, successfully finding breakfast through the tunnels of Ford Hall was considered as proof of behavioral synapomorphies with Geomys; and

WHEREAS, Omer Reichman repeatedly used every opportunity to practice his stand-up comedy routine; and

WHEREAS, the "little apple" proved to be a new result for the Manhattan distance statistical procedure; and

WHEREAS, the little apple outdid its larger eastern analog in friendliness, beauty, hospitality, sunsets, fresh air, and all of those things that make up the concept of God, country, and apple pie; and

WHEREAS, the organization, programs, hayrides, and bison feast provided for an excellent meeting; and

WHEREAS, Don Kaufman, Glennis Kaufman, Jim Reichman, and the Local Committee demonstrated that the Heart of North America is doing well;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVEDĀ that the American Society of Mammalogists expresses heartfelt thanks to Kansas State University, the Local Committee, and especially our colleagues Don Kaufman, Glennis Kaufman and Jim Reichman for a truly memorable meeting.