Resolution on Procedures for Scientific Collecting Permits

WHEREAS, the amount and variety of scientific work is increasing from year to year, including work requiring the collection of specimens; and

WHEREAS, this poses problems for those agencies responsible for formulating regulations and issuing permits and for scientists planning field work; and

WHEREAS, separate drafts of suggestions for permit requirements have been circulated for discussion in the year 1976 by the Committee on Conservation of Land Mammals after a survey of all state and provincial conservation departments and by the Committee on Legislation and Regulations; and

WHEREAS, inquiries have been received from more than one governmental agency in regard to such recommendations; and

WHEREAS, permits are also of concern to scientists in other disciplines; and

WHEREAS, the Association of Systematics Collections has recently constituted a Council on Systematics and the Law;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the available drafts of recommendations be forwarded to the A.S.C. with our strong and urgent recommendation that other disciplines be consulted and agreement be reached soon on a set of recommendations that would outline efficient and scientifically productive procedures and principles that could be adapted to fit the special responsibilities of each agency and the special circumstances of each political division concerned; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Society's committees on Conservation of Land Mammals, Legislation and Regulation, and Systematic Collections be instructed to assist the Association of Systematic Collections in this task in whatever ways seem feasible.